Moruo Developments Limited is a property development and investment company in Lesotho that enables Lesotho to participate in the economic growth that is presently sweeping the region.  Moruo differentiates itself and is differentiated from the rest of the market by a unique combination of vision, strategy, intellectual and physical capacity. The company’s overarching vision of being the leading property investor in Lesotho is being realised through:

  •  Pro-active yet careful selection of development opportunities
  •  Low risk strategy in acquiring land and making development commitments
  •  Rigorous monitoring of developments
  • Experience in managing development projects
  • Experience in managing property assets

Moruo developed Phase I of the Pioneer Shopping Centre that opened 25 November 2009 in Maseru with 14500 lettable square metres.Phase II of the Pioneer Shopping Centre has been designed, and was approved by the Board of Moruo on 6 June 2011 increasing the Rentable space by a further 5 725 square metres.

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